Weekend: Daffodils

Happy Monday everyone!  I am so sad the weekend is over.  After being gone last weekend, we had a relatively calm weekend at home, filled with lots of:WeekendYoga

Coffee and Yoga.  I got back on my yoga mat for the first time in months and it was so difficult.  A great reminder than I need to stick with the yoga on a much more frequent basis.


Dog walking.  We were dog sitting for my in-laws this weekend, so walks were twice the excitement this weekend.  I wore the girls out with about a 4 mile walk on Saturday.

Hubs and I bought our first house in October.  As the months continue to creep by, we have slowly been adding furniture to our new place.  This weekend we made a big dent in the To Do list by purchasing these babies.  I see a lot of front porch sitting in our future.


There was some assembly required.  As you can see, Hubs is quite proud of his handiwork.  Also, please ignore the dead pansies.  Victims of an abnormally frigid winter, we are still mourning their loss until it’s time for marigold planting.

And last but not least, we have our first daffodil bloom!  I am loving seeing all the signs of spring pop up around us, and am very proud of my green thumb!


Has anyone else noticed that the second you become a homeowner, you scrutinize every yard you come across, creating a mental ranking of how your own yard compares?  Our daffodils seem to be late bloomers compared to the neighbors, but at least we have them!  Don’t plant perennial spring flowers?  Your automatically going to the bottom of my most beautiful yards list.


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