Dog Diets

Happy Friday everyone!  It is a dreary, rainy day here.  But, that’s not stopping my excitement that it’s the last day of the work week!  We’ve got a fun weekend ahead, so I am ready to plow through my work and get out of here!


This week, we officially found out our dog is a little overweight.  She went to the vet for her annual checkup, and it was confirmed that she does indeed need to go on a diet.  Hubs and I have no idea how she got so chunky.  But then we thought about it, and miiiight have an idea.

It might be the from the Greek yogurt she licks out of empty containers:


Or from cleaning out the almond butter jars:


And of course, when you take as many naps as our dog does, there’s not much opportunity to burn off all those treats:


So we’re staging an intervention.  We’ve cut out the table scraps and are carefully measuring her food.  Plus, we are amping up the walks.  Nothing burns off those calories like frequent walks around the neighborhood.  Got any other great tips for us whittle her middle down to size?


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