Weekend: Muddin

Happy Monday!  I am struggling to get back into the groove of the week after such a fabulous weekend.  We had some friends come up from North Carolina for some four wheeling fun.  It was an absolutely terrible weekend for it with the rain and the cold, but the boys had a great time.  After sitting on a cold and wet ATV only to realize your waterproof clothes aren’t exactly waterproof meant the girls only lasted three hours.



Doesn’t this look like fun?  Can you see the rain pouring in the foreground?  Honestly, I would have had a blast, except for the rain and the cold.  We went to an off-road park, with lots of trails winding up and down mountains.  I think the views would have been really nice if the sky was clear.


After we left, the boys continued on some muddier and more difficult trails.

On Sunday, we tried to get the house cleaned up and prepare for the work week – we had wet and muddy clothes all over the place.  We are trying to bring our grass back to life, so there was some serious fertilizing to be done.  Any tips of how to make our grass look fabulous?  There is such an obvious line where our grass ends and our neighbors’ rich, luscious grass begins.

We finished off the weekend with a long, multi-course dinner with some of Hub’s extended family, who were in town for the weekend.  The dinner was nice, but after such a long weekend, it was hard for us to stay out so late overindulging in delicious food.  It was a fantastic weekend, but I’m tired!


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