Loving Lately

Happy Tuesday and happy April Fool’s Day!  No jokes around here today, just love!  I thought I would take a moment do a download of some of the things I’ve been enjoying lately.


This oil is amazing.  It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly and works wonders.  My skin feels better and the fine lines and dark circles are slightly better too.  I consider it just as good as some of those pricey eye creams on the market, without all the crazy ingredients.



These hair ties – I have become completely addicted.  They are super soft on my hair and no snagging.  They are expensive, but if you’re the type of person that can keep up with your hair ties, they are definitely worth it.


Republic of Tea is by far my favorite brand of tea.  I have been drinking this daily at work.  The sweetness of the pomegranates make it the perfect afternoon pick me up.  And, no sugar/honey/milk needed to have a wonderful, refreshing cup!


This may sound weird, but taking a spoonful of this every day has really helped my joints lately.  I have notoriously bad hips and knees, that have a tendency to ache.  My aching has been cut down significantly since I regularly started taking this.  It dissolves and is completely tasteless in a flavored beverage, so I have been putting it in my coffee every morning.

Got any great product recommendations?


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