Weekly Workouts

Hope everyone is enjoying this sunny Wednesday!  I have a largely uninspiring recap of this week’s workouts.  Hoping I can do better this coming week with the motivation to workout.  I think the warm weather will help.

Thurs – Lazy.  Plus 86 burpees.

Fri – Made it to HIIT class at the Y.  We did the following workout, adding suicide sprints at the end.  Decent workout.


Sat – Short, rainy walk with the dog

Sun – Longer walk with the dog (we’re working the doggie diet plan!)

Mon – Hot Vinyasa Flow.  I was so not in the mindset to go to yoga.  But something about being on the mat for an hour left me refreshed and rejuvenated by the end.

Tues – I decided to do the Crossfit Games workout 14.5, just to see if it was as bad as everyone has been saying.  It was.  My arms are tired.  In case you missed it, the workout was:

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps thrusters then burpees

Note – I did not do the prescribed 95lbs on the thrusters.  And I am soooore today!




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