What is a Rest Day?

Good morning!  This morning, the alarm went off for me to get up for the gym, and the first thing I thought of was that I had just gone to sleep.  I’ve had several great workouts lately, and I think my body was just tired.  So, I very quickly declared today a rest day.

How often do you take rest days?  I started thinking about what I mean when I say I’m taking a rest day, because as I started getting ready for work, I started thinking about how, even though it’s a rest day, I’ll still do some burpees and I still want to meet my step goal.  So does that mean today is a rest day?

In my mind, rest days are taking a break from pushing myself to the limit.  I still want to be active and I know my body will appreciate some movement.  So, I might do some burpees and I will definitely get out and take the dog for a walk.  The key is stretching my muscles out, but not overtaxing them.  What do you do on a rest day?



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