Weekly Workouts

Another week, another recap of workouts.  I have to say the highlight of this week’s workouts was the lower body tabata blast I made up while driving to the gym, then promptly did after a quick warm up.  Soreness hurts so good!

Thurs – Operation Boot Camp class.  OK workout, but as you already know, I did not enjoy.

Fri – Made it to HIIT class.  We did two 10 minute AMRAPs:



Sat: Walk with the dog, and this AWESOME tabata workout.  I challenged myself with heavy weights and I am feeling it days later.  Such a great, fast workout:


Sun: I was already starting to feel my tabata workout from the day before, so I took it easy with a 6 mile walk with the dog and some burpees.

Mon: Good, hard, 24 minute AMRAP.  It was lots of plate pushes, box jumps and suicide  sprints.  I push through it.

Tues: Rest day, took the dog for a walk, dragging the hubs behind us…

Wed: Quick workout that really got me sweating (below).  I read this blog post about the TRX and it really made me want to work some TRX moves.  You can also use that link to get demos of the TRX moves I did.  For the knee pulls, they call them atomic pushups (no pushing up involved):




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