100 Days of Burpees


Today marks my final day of the 100 days of burpees challenge.  I started on New Years Day, and Hubs stuck with me until about Day 30.  I can’t say that I blame him.  I managed to get it done, but it was rough!  Basically the idea was starting with day 1, do 1 burpee, 2 burpees on day 2, 3 burpees on day 3, etc.  All building up until you do 100 burpees on day 100.  Things I learned doing 100 days of burpees:

1.  100 days = 5,050 burpees.  It might have taken two MBAs and Excel to figure out the math, but regardless, that’s a LOT of burpees.

2.  Form is crucial.  I did all these burpees with no rest days, so form was super important if I wanted to avoid injury.  I could definitely tell the next day if my form got sloppy.

3.  Even with perfect form, getting up into the 80s and beyond is rough.  The repetitive motion and no rest makes the continuous days tiring.

4.  I’m stronger than I think.  My pushups have gotten sooooo much better after having done all these burpees with pushups.  Hard work does pay off!

5.  I no longer dread the burpee.  Doing so many for such a long time makes the 10 or 20 thrown into a workout feel like child’s play.  Bring on the burpee!

All that being said, I am so glad that this challenge is over.  I feel like my chest, shoulders and back need a break.  Have you ever done an exercise challenge?  I’m debating whether I will do another one.  Now I feel like there’s a void in my life without zillions of burpees hanging over my head.  But, I also feel like cross training and working through different muscles is crucially important.  Do you have any good exercise challenges I should try?  Also, how should I celebrate?



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