Weekly Workouts

I am in desperately in need of  a massage.  I have a very painful muscle knot in my shoulder blade that’s restricting my head movement.  I woke up with a massive headache because of the pain radiating up my neck.  Ouch!  I’m working on stretching it out today to hopefully ease the pain.  I blame the burpees.  So glad my burpee challenge is done!  Here’s the recap of what I’ve been up to lately:

Thurs: HIIT class – not the best workout unfortunately, but at least got my day going.  100 burpees and the burpee challenge is DONE!  Read about it here.

Fri: I had a stressful Thursday night for a variety of reasons, so I was late waking up on Friday morning.  In my limited time, I warmed up, then did 2 rounds of the following just to get my heart rate up:



Sat: The weather was beautiful so I took the dog for a long walk.  Later in the day, I headed to the gym to do three 15 minute AMRAPs:



Sun: much needed lazy rest day

Mon: Hot Vinyasa Yoga – this class was an absolute sweaty killer workout.

Tues: HIIT class.  This class was a bunch of 4 minute AMRAPs, alternating between exercises.  Ok workout.


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