Crack of Dawn


Good morning!  I am still in recovery mode from this shoulder/back injury I’ve got going on, so it’s been lots of dog walking for exercise around here.  This morning Hubs and I got up for a quick walk around the neighborhood before getting ready for work.  In Charlotte, I used to take an athletic conditioning class on Friday mornings that was usually held on the top of a parking deck in the SouthPark area.  I loved this class.  There was something so peaceful and wonderful about watching the sun come up, celebrating the beginning of a day and having a fantastic workout behind you.  Of course, the fact that it was Friday and a welcoming of the weekend didn’t hurt either 🙂

I love when the weather starts to warm up and it becomes bearable to be outside before sunrise.  I rarely get outside during the work day, so I find myself craving some outdoor time before and after work.  Apparently, it’s not just a personal preference, did you know it’s a natural human reaction?  There’s even a scientific name for it: biophilia.  Spending time with nature reduces stress and improves our mental health.  Read more about the benefits here and here.

So, I’m trying not to feel so bad about abandoning my gym workouts in favor of longs walks outside with the pup.  The mental benefits do pay off, so get outside and start enjoying life.  Where do you prefer to work out?  In the gym or outside?


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