Weekly Workouts

Happy Wednesday!  It has been a heck of a week already, so I am looking forward to the creep towards the weekend.  Here’s a recap of the workouts this week:

Thurs: 2 short walks with the dog (before and after work) and this circuit:



Fri: Travel day, so I was squeezing in the workouts where I could find them.  I did this 10 minute Crossfit-inspired workout and a very less graceful version of this ab routine:

These girls are so strong – their warm up is my great ab workout 🙂  Ha yet another sign that I’m getting old.

Sat: The rain really put a damper on our plans, so I did 4 miles on the treadmill, and the Nike Training Club workout Metabolic Boost

Sun: 3.5 mile walk with the dogs

Mon: Hot Vinyasa Yoga: so sweaty, so awesome.

Tues: After a warm up, I did the following, then finished up with some ab work:



Got any good workouts I should try?




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