Loving Lately

Today is such a beautiful day that it’s hard to stay inside working all day.  Maybe I’ll have a chance to sneak out later in the day and soak up some sunshine.  Yesterday I went on a long walk with the dog and had such a wonderful time enjoying the weather.  I am loving the long walks lately!  Here’s a look at some other things I’ve been loving lately.

I went to Earth Fare earlier this week to restock my tea addiction.  I was looking for a new flavor to add to my collection, and ended up with this:


It’s not as chocolatey as I was expecting, but it does have a robust, filling flavor.  Plus, it’s got a bit of a caffeine kick without the bitterness of coffee.

I guess I’m on a total beverage kick right now, because I also can’t get enough of this stuff:


There’s a co-op right around the block from my office and it is so tempting to stop every day and buy one of these to guzzle through my work day.  The $4 price tag stops that from being nearly as frequent of an occurrence as I would like.

This is really random, but I’m also loving craigslist right now.  Hubs and I are trying to find some furniture, and I swear, I’m on that website all. the. time.




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