Farm Fresh

I am exhausted today!  Those terrible thunderstorms kept us up most the night last night.  I woke up multiple times because of the thunder and lightning.  Around 1:15 we had a really loud siren go off on our phones.  I am all for the additional safety that the cell phone alerts provide, but it scared me more than anything.  We knew the storms were bad and were being safe.  The phone alarm pushed me into the borderline crazy lady who thought maybe the dog and I will spend the rest of the night in the bathroom.  Luckily, I turned on the TV to see if I could get a sense of where the storm was tracking.  When the weather woman said that the tornado watch was not meant for people to immediately take cover but for us to be aware of the storm, I turned off the TV and tried to go back to sleep.  Waking up this morning, it does look like there has been some damage around.  These storms are no joke – hope everyone stays safe and heeds the warnings as they travel east!

On a much lighter note, check out the bounties of my first harvest!


I finally felt like it was time to collect some of the lettuce and spinach I’ve been growing in the garden.  I love how beautiful and fresh it looks.  To truly do my first harvest justice, I used made everything into my lunch today: a delicious salad.


For some staying power, I added some hard boiled egg that came straight from the farm of one of my husband’s clients.  All around, it was the perfect celebration of spring and the organic goodness of our garden!  Has anyone else started getting some produce from their garden?


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