Weekly Workouts

We are on the downward slide to the weekend!  I have so much to do this weekend, so I am looking forward to it!  I also want to try to focus more on my workouts this weekend and try to get in a few really good, intense workouts.  Here’s how the week has shaped up for me workout-wise:

Thurs – HIIT class

Fri – All bodyweight interval class.  The highlight was the following 15 minute series (EMOM = Every Minute on the Minute):


Sat – 5 mile walk with the dog, running 5 400m lengths throughout (so ran 2 miles, walked 3)

Sun – walk with the dog and the HeartThrob workout on Nike Training Club app.

Mon – Unintentional rest day.  I got a little sidetracked buying furniture!!!

Tues – after an exhausting night of no sleep, my energy level was low, but I hammered out the following:


For this one, use as heavy weight as possible.  A good demo of the Jumping KB Swings is here.

Wed: HIIT class.  We did a 20 minute AMRAP followed by 90 seconds of suicide sprints.  I felt really sluggish during this workout.  I can definitely tell my sleep has not been the best lately.

Got any good workouts for me to try?



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