Craving a Good Book

Maybe it’s all this rainy weather we’ve been having, but lately, I have been craving a good book.  I love to read but have struggled to find something lately that I couldn’t put down.  I want to get totally lost in some sort of fantastic story.  I love to read all kinds of books – from the humorous, poorly written celebrity books to the top fiction and thought provoking nonfiction, it has been a while since I’ve really had one I can’t put down.  When I think about books that I have really enjoyed lately, a few come to mind.


In terms of fiction, The Fault In Our Stars was beautiful.  Such a lovely (and sad) story that read so quickly.  I know it’s technically a young adult novel, but I’m not one to care about labels – I just want good books, and this one definitely was.


I also try to sprinkle my readings with some nonfiction.  I recently read Thank You For Your Service.  This was such a good book about what we are doing for our soldiers once they return home from deployment.  It was definitely not uplifting though.


What have you been reading lately?  Does anyone have good book recommendations for me?




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