Weekend: Sunshine

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  I have nothing festive planned today, but am totally ok with that.  I had a little tequila cocktail on Saturday night, capping off a fantastic day so I feel like I have sufficiently celebrated.  I got so much accomplished this weekend that I feel great this Monday.


On Saturday, Hubs had an early tee time, so I got up and took the dog for a walk around downtown and along a greenway that runs parallel to the river.  We covered about 4 miles and she absolutely loved every second of it.  Our dog is a water dog (bred to be a duck hunter) so she loved walking along the river.


And scaring all the wildlife along the way.  See these geese?  They were mad and squawking at us.


The seasonal farmers’ market opened for the season on Saturday, so we ended our walk by checking out the produce.  I love the farmers’ market and used what they had available to figure out my meal plan for the week.  I grabbed some cauliflower, lettuce, asparagus and strawberries before heading home.  Once I got home, I got to work cleaning, vacuuming and washing both mine and Hub’s cars.


Bailey decided the best place to be for her to be during this activity was inside the cars.  She’s a nut.  I also planted my garden on Saturday.  We got about 30 tomato plants (yes, I’m going to have tomatoes for years…), cucumbers, zucchini and turkey beans all planted.  I am so excited to start eating out of the garden!

On Sunday, we got up and made it to the early church service before a day of running errands (Target and TJ Maxx), weekly meal preparation and a 5 mile walk along the Third Creek Greenway with the pup.


She was thoroughly worn out, (see how tired she looks!) and so am I!  I am going to work on getting out to more of the greenways and exploring my city a little more.  Also I have to rave about the updated Map My Run app.  I used to use Map My Run years ago when I was more into running.  I opened it up on Saturday to prove to Hubs that I do a serious walk with the dog and not some meandering stroll.  I loved the new app!  It now tells you pace and split times, which I found to be a HUGE motivation for me to get my heart pumping and maintain our pace on the walks.  Do any of you use Map My Run?  Do you enjoy it?


Have a great week everyone!


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