Weekly Workouts

It’s Wednesday!  I have really enjoyed lifting heavy this week.  I’ve found myself being sore for days afterwards, which is not something I feel a lot.  It feels wonderful and I have enjoyed all of this week’s workouts.  I love a week where I feel like my body has been challenged!

Thurs – Walked the dog in (finally) a day of beautiful weather and did the following circuit from Bess Be Fit, subbing jumping lunges for walking lunges.  Thanks for the workout Bess!



Fri: Walk with the pup

Sat: 4 mile walk with the dog, and a modified Crossfit Hero workout Mike “Dork” Kennedy (below).  I went heavy on the weights and took the push up out of the burpee to really get a targeted back workout.


Sun: 5 mile walk with the dog, and a couple of AMRAPs (below).  On the AMRAPs I really tried to go as heavy as possible and work to exhaustion.  I was only able to do a total of 5 burpees.  I finished this workout off with a quick 1 mile run on the treadmill because I was loving my music and had a random burst of energy.


Mon: Hot Vinyasa Flow.  My back was sore for this weekend’s workouts, so this class was harder than usual for me.  We did some great hip openers though, which were marvelous.

Tues: Bis and Tris!  Haha.  After my back work this weekend, I felt really unbalanced but also strangely encouraged to continue lifting heavy.  After a warm up, I did the following:




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