New House: Settling In

Happy Tuesday!  So yesterday I probably spend a good 4-5 hours devouring Young House Love.  If you have never heard of that blog, it is great for people like me, who just moved into new houses and are trying to figure out what to do in different spaces.  To be clear, but “just” moved into new houses I mean we’ve been in our house since October.  And, with the exception of the TV, have yet to put any holes in the wall.  I have a long list of items I’m slowly tackling one at a time, trying to get our house into shape.  I’m taking my time because 1) it’s not my favorite thing to do, 2) I feel zero sense of urgency and 3) I want to make thought-out decisions that I will enjoy for years to come.

So, two weeks ago, we finally purchased a dining room set.  Our dining room had been empty every since we moved into the house, so I was so incredibly excited to get to put everything away.


Super fancy, isn’t it?

But now, I’m all about the fun little details.  I am googling wall art and upholstery fabrics all day at work.  And now, my non-committal self is totally stealing the Young House Love way of photographing every room then photoshopping in the details to decide whether I like things.  So, my question today, is where do you go for design inspiration?  Or upholstery fabrics or large art?  I’m looking for all kinds of things to fill up our house!


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