Weekly Workouts

Good morning!  I have had a great week of workouts to share.  I’ve been trying to switch it up and really start to focus on making gains during my workouts – not just working out to work out.  Sometimes I feel like exercise becomes so automatic I forget to listen and push my body when appropriate.  Does that happen to anyone else?


Anyhow, here were the workouts:

Wed. – Walk with the dog, and the Beach Body Workout

Thurs. – Modified Crossfit Regionals 6 workout.  I subbed slam balls for wall balls because I didn’t have an appropriate wall, and TRX tricep presses for the ring dips because I didn’t have a ring.  Here’s a demo of the TRX tricep presses.  This workout was good.  I forget how many 50 reps is until you start doing them on heavy deadlifts!

Fri. – I went to HIIT class, where we ended up doing a timed Angie (100 each of pull ups, push ups, sit ups and squats).  I was a little hesitant at first, but ended up absolutely loving this timed workout!  I never time myself, so it was awesome to work against the clock AND have competition.

Sat. – Brief walk with the pup, and a modified version of this workout.  For some reason I’ve had the urge to run lately.  Unfortunately it was a rainy, gross day, so an outdoor run wasn’t ideal.  I decided to modify this workout to what I had available at the gym and to get more running in.


Sun. – Long walk with the dog and barre class.  It has been forever since I’ve been to a barre class…I forgot how much they work you!  Great change of pace.

Mon. – Hot Vinyasa Flow.  This is the sweatiest, hardest flow class I’ve been to.  We were all just dripping.

Tues. – HIIT class.  We did 3 circuits, 6 minutes each.  Ok workout, not the best I’ve had in this class.

Got any good workouts for me?




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