Weekend: Habitat

Happy Monday everyone!  I am coming off a fantastic weekend.  Hubs and I started Saturday morning bright and early at the Habitat for Humanity build.  I’ve done a couple of Habitat houses in North Carolina, but this house has by far the best view I’ve seen.


This is a neighborhood full of Habitat houses, with gorgeous views of the Smokey Mountains.  It was a little chilly on Saturday, but we had a great time.  By the time we left in the early afternoon, there were 4 walls up and the roof was being placed.  It was amazing to see how quickly the house could come together with all of us working.




After Habitat, we headed home to get ready for a wedding that evening.  It was such an unusually cold day in May for a wedding, but the bride was beautiful and we enjoyed getting dolled up for a night out.


Sunday, we did a lot of the usual, getting ready for the week ahead and Hubs getting in his weekend required golf game 🙂  I have to brag on myself a little because I had a fantastic workout Sunday morning.  I am trying to focus on lifting heavy on the weekends because I tend to do more HIIT during the week.  Sunday, I really tackled some heaving lifting with deadlifts, back squats, power cleans, thrusters and lunges.  It felt amazing to swing some weight around.  When I got home, the pup was begging for a walk, so I decided I would let her choose where and how far we went.  Have you ever done that?  Our dog will pick the roads she wants to walk down, so I let her lead the way.  She had clearly been cooped up lately because we ended up walking 8 miles!!  After that, I was ready for some relaxation and early bed.


How was your weekend?



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