Weekly Workouts

Good morning!  I’ve started to get back into the workout groove and have had some fantastic workouts this week.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Wed. – HIIT class.  We did 2 tabatas and 2 rounds of 40 secs/30 secs/20 secs on 6 different exercises.  Ok workout.

Thurs. – REST day.  I have somehow pulled a muscle or something in my foot.  It’s not very comfortable, so I’m trying to ice it and rest it.

Fri. – HIIT class.  We did two 16 minute AMRAPs.  They were both rough but a great workout.

Sat. – After swinging a hammer at Habitat, I decided to finish off my arms with these two workouts:



Sun. – I really wanted to work on lifting.  I didn’t make it through all the exercises on either of these Chippers and did have to drop down on some of the weight for the cleans and thrusters.  It was a serious workout!


Mon. – Rest day

Tues. – HIIT class.  We did a 20 minute AMRAP of body weight exercises.  At the end, we did a partner finisher.  Partner 1 is in plank.  Partner 2 does a burpee, jumps over partner 1 and then army crawls underneath partner 1.  Then partners switch and repeat.  It was different and fun!


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