TOLT: Lots to be Thankful For




Good morning!  I decided to link up for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.



1.  I am celebrating my last day of work!  Today is my last day with my current company, and after the holiday weekend, I start working with a new company here in town.  I am excited for the transition and looking forward for the challenge ahead.

2.  I am really terrible at the whole cleaning schedule thing.  This week I have tried to mark at least one cleaning task off the list when I’ve gotten home from work, and I hate it.  I just feel like it makes the housework never-ending.  Any advice for getting this to stick?

3.  I forget how awesome it is to consistently get into a gym routine.  I’ve been going to classes this week and have really enjoyed it.  I end up having so much more energy and stamina throughout the day.

4.  To celebrate the end of my job, I have an awesome day planned tomorrow, including a massage and potentially a barre class.  Could not be more excited 🙂


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