Weekly Workouts

Hello! It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another round of workouts. I have to be honest, they were really boring this week. Sorry. We were traveling again so that kinda messed things up.

Wed. – quick elliptical workout

Thurs. – HIIT class. Brutal. We did burped broad jumps around the perimeter of the soccer field as a FINISHER! Rough.

Fri. – HIIT class. Less brutal, more fun.

Sat. – we were in NC so I did a Nike Training App workout. It got the job done.

Sun. – once we got home, I headed to the gym for a quick weight set. I did tabata plank in and outs between 4 minutes of heavy squats and 4 minutes of power cleans.

Mon. – rest day

Tues. – I had a early meeting, so I didn’t have a chance to do much. I did Crossfit Alexander workout but didn’t make it through all the rounds.

Wed.this workout from GPP Fitness

Got any good workouts for me?


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