Weekend: Walking

Happy Monday! For me, it’s the last Monday before a much, much, MUCH anticipated vacation, so I can hardly contain my excitement. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s do a weekend recap. Hubs and I had a great weekend of leisure and getting ready for our vacation.

On Saturday, we woke up early for the dog and I to get in a long walk before the farmers market opened. We went 7.2 miles before heading to the farmers market to pick up lettuce, beans, broccolini, and blueberries. It was a great walk and Bailey and I both went home tired and accomplished. I got a few chores done before I headed to the pool to meet the Hubs and friends for the afternoon. The pool was great and it was so nice to get a little reading done.

Saturday night, hungry from a busy day, we headed to a local Mexican restaurant, Soccer Taco, which was actually terrible. We did not have a good meal because the food really did not even meet crappy Mexican standards. We were home early and in bed exhausted after a busy day.

On Sunday, my focus was getting started on packing for vacation. We did lots of laundry and started packing. I also took the dog on a 6 mile walk (we are weekend warriors) and tended to the garden.


Speaking of garden, ours is out of control. Look at it. I can’t handle how overgrown it has become. We (I) may have gone a little overboard this year. What about you? How is your garden?


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