Weekly Workouts

Hi!  I am so sorry for the long hiatus on the blog.  I had several life changes, including a change in job and a big milestone birthday (hello 30!) that have completely consumed me lately.  I promise to get back on track.  Speaking of getting back on track, here are some of the cool workouts I’ve been doing lately:

Sun. – We were traveling back from Nashville this weekend, so I had limited time to fit a workout in.  I ended up doing the following:



Mon. – I did a total body class at the YMCA.  It has been FOREVER since I did a class like that.  It was good, but not as challenging as I wanted.  It really made me appreciate my high intensity classes.


Tues. – I didn’t have much time, so after a warm up, I did this crossfit WOD, off the crossfit website:

3 rounds:

21 deadlifts

15 pullups

9 front squats


Wed. – This morning Hubs got up super early for a flight, so I’ve already gotten in a walk with the dog and a HIIT class.  Class was brutal.  We did a ladder of 7 exercises, starting with 21 reps and moving down 3 reps each round.  Felt great afterwards, but rough during.


Sorry I haven’t been around.  I promise to do better.  For all you bloggers out there, do you have any tips to staying motivated on your blogging?


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