Sunrises and Weird Snacks

Good morning!  I’ve been doing better about getting up and getting a workout in before work, and the heavens have been rewarding me with some beautiful sunrises.


Sorry for the blurry iPhone picture, but what’s not to love about strolls through the neighborhood with the pup on days like this?


So I had this fabulous, delicious recipe to share with you all today, but I ate it all before I could even think of taking a picture.  You see, I’ve been living a bit of a single life for the past few days because my husband has been traveling for work.  I’ve been working late, and when I get home, my dinners have ben a hodgepodge of leftovers and random things in the fridge.  So, I’ll save that for another time and share with you one of my favorite snacks lately.


We have been celebrating the bounty of our garden lately, and the tomatoes have been absolutely delicious.  This snack takes them to a whole new level.  All you need:


A really good, spicy mustard and some tomatoes.  Simply slice the tomatoes and squirt some mustard on the slices.  The mustard’s spicy perfectly offsets the sweetness of the tomato.  Seriously, I know it’s weird but I promise you if you try it, you’ll enjoy it.


What weird snacks do you eat?


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