Weekly Workouts

Hi guys!  It’s that time again – workout recap time!  I did some great ones this week:


Thurs. – walk with the dog and HIIT class.  We did 2 rounds of 10 exercises, 1 minute each.  Fairly good workout.


Fri.  – walk with the dog and HIIT class.  We did 15 minutes of EMOM drills, followed by some partner sprint and ab exercise.  This one was fun and sped by.  Am I the only one that finds those EMOM drills really make the time fly by?


Sat. – Lots of walking around the dog park, triathlon course.  By the time I got to the gym, I was out of steam, so I did 25 minutes slow jogging on the treadmill (about a 6.0 speed, 2.0 incline) and a ladder of 10 renegade rows (down to 1) and 10 jumping lunges.


Sun. – We did a lot of work on the deck, which was a workout in and of itself!  I hit the gym briefly to do the following quick circuit:



Mon. – I had an early meeting, so I had a quick workout at the gym.  After a warm up, I did 100 squats with the kettle bell, 100 rows on the TRX and 100 jump lunges.


Tues. – I walked the dog at the crack of dawn, then headed to HIIT class.  It was a 20 minute AMRAP workout that included lots of running (not my fav).  BUT, I killed it!  I did the second to most rounds.  Super fun!


Got any good workouts for me?





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