Walking at Work

Happy Tuesday!  So I was wondering, do any of you all exercise at work?  We have  a walking path around our cluster of buildings and there are constantly people walking on it.  I have gone out there a couple of times and I find it enjoyable.   However, the second I feel like I’m going to start sweating, I rush inside.  And then I feel paranoid that I stink like outside for the rest of the day.


Do any of you work out at work in any way/shape/form?  Do you have any advice to the novice work exerciser?  Also, perhaps the most crucial question, what shoes do you wear to work?  I REFUSE to wear tennis shoes and my work clothes.  Sorry, there are just some things I will not do in the name of fashion.  So what shoes do you wear?  Help me?  I want to be fit bbut I also don’t want to be the office dweeb!


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