Weekly Workouts

Good morning!  Have you ever had a bit of time where you just did not have the motivation to get some good workouts in?  That was definitely me this week.  I’m not surprised because there’s been a lot going on in life lately, definitely adding to the stress levels.  So, I listened to my body and didn’t get very many workouts in this week.  Here’s the breakdown:

Wed. – Rest day

Thurs. – Rest day

Fri. – HIIT class – it was TONS of running but a fun workout

Sat. – Rainy rest and lots of work day

Sun. – Loooong walk with the pup and a Nike Fit Club workout.  It was a quick and sweaty workout but better than nothing.

Mon. – I slept in, so I took a total body class at the gym after work.  It was ok, lots of triceps but otherwise uneventful.

Tues. – Got up and headed to HIIT class.  This class was not the challenge I was looking for, but I did think the workout was simple enough that it would be good to share.  We did a number of sprints, ab work and suitcase carries after we did this, but if you’re looking for something simple and fast that will get your heart rate up, I would recommend.

Quick workout to get your heart pumping

Quick workout to get your heart pumping


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