Garden Update

Good morning!  I can’t believe it’s Thursday.  I don’t know about y’all, but for me, this week has flown by.  I guess that’s a good thing?  Dunno.


Anyway, I figured it was about time for an update on my garden.  If you didn’t see my first update, things have really taken off.  We have had a TON of produce.  And the garden is growing way out of it’s boundaries.



I promise there’s a border around the chaos.  But right now, our fence has become tomato support and the wood around the garden has become climbing trellises for the cucumbers.



We have enjoyed zucchini, cucumbers and LOTS of tomatoes from our garden.  I have been making all sorts tomato filled creations, and we have definitely been having our fair share of vegetables.  We also have turkey beans and green peppers growing.  We are drying all the turkey beans to be used in soups and hearty dishes this winter.  And, the green peppers haven’t produced any fruit yet.


Our tomatoes have been really sweet.  Here’s a shot of the cherry tomatoes.


I swear, the second you cook things, they burst with sweetness.  They have been delightful to add to cooked dishes.  I’ve also frozen some tomato sauce for this winter, that I know will be just as sweet.  I look forward to enjoying the fruits of our garden year round.  It makes it worth the work.  I have to admit, I have spent more time constantly tending to our plants this summer than I have in the past.  Even though we have an irrigation system, it doesn’t really hit our garden, so I am constantly watering.  And now I’m constantly picking the veggies too.  We have hit the point in the season where every time I look, there are a dozen or more red tomatoes to be picked.  But I won’t complain as long as they still taste good.  And you’re all welcome to stop by and share in the wealth!


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