Weekly Workouts

Good morning!  It has been a busy week, with a lot of different workouts for me.  I’ve mentioned some of them in other posts, but here was the breakdown:

Wed. – HIIT class.  We did 2 circuits, each 4 minutes of work, 2 times through.  Then I ran a mile because I still had some energy left.  The run felt great.  I love running when I feel like it.

Thurs. – Stress at work did me in, so I ended up skipping a workout.

Fri. – HIIT class was a deceptively  hard 5 circuits, each for 4 minutes of work.

Sat. – Barre3 class (my first ever, and I LOVED it!), and 1.2 miles swimming.  I haven’t been swimming in years, and it was such a hard workout.

Sun. – A long walk with the pup while catching up with a great friend.  I walked probably 6 miles, but hardly noticed because of the great conversation.

Mon. – Quick workout at the gym.  Warm up followed by 20 pull ups, 20 kettlebell swings and 20 kettlebell deadlifts with high pulls.

Tues. – Worked out on my own.  After a warmup, I did the following.  It was really fun, and you run 2 miles without a blink of an eye 🙂




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