Good morning!  I have to tell you what happened to us last night.  Well, actually, it started Tuesday night.  On Tuesday night, as I got ready to go to bed, I found the dog wanting to go back outside.  Thinking she needed to take care of business, I let her out.  A few minutes later, I came back to the door, and called her inside.  She didn’t come.  I turned on the porch light and found her on the scent path of something.  I didn’t think much of it because that’s what dogs do, and I had Hubs come get her a little while later.


Fast forward to last night, Hubs and I get home  and are doing our usual thing, about to start dinner.  Hubs went outside to start up the grill (grilled chicken and corn – YUM!), and noticed Bailey sniffing around her doghouse.  Hubs walked inside and told me he thought something was under her house.  I convinced him to take a look.  Turns out it was a rat.  And not a tiny one.  Holy crap guys!!!  We have a RAT?!?  WTF?!?!


(Here’s Bailey trying to catch it under the porch)

So clearly, we had to get rid of it.  I am ok with spiders and bugs but rats, HELLLLS to the no.  So I sent Hubs out to dispose of the rat.  I didn’t want to know how or where but I wanted it gone.  Of course, he lifted up the doghouse to get it and it ran away.  The rat disappeared under our deck and hasn’t been seen since.  We sent the dog out to look for it, and she has traced it to under the deck too.  We unfortunately don’t have a way to get under our deck, so as far as we know that rat is still there.  And I’m freaking out.  It may be juvenile but seriously, rats are NOT fun things to have around the house.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to rid your backyard of varmints?!?!


Sooo, we have


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