Weekend: Rain and Relaxation

Good Monday morning to everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend and feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead.  I know I do!  We had a very low key weekend, but it was exactly what I needed after such a busy week.


On Friday night, we stayed in and watched Blackfish.




Has anyone watched this movie?   Seriously, we were disturbed.  Hubs woke up Saturday morning saying he dreamed about parts of this movie, and on Saturday, all I could think about were parts of this movie.  I highly recommend watching it.  Parts are graphic, but we all need to  know what’s happening with the Orca whales.


Saturday afternoon, we headed Hubs parents’ mountain house for a brief retreat.  The mountain house has no internet or television, and very little cell phone reception.  So, heading up there is a total break from the world.  It was delightful and just want we needed.  I started a new book, which I highly recommend:



It’s a gripping, fast paced story that you can easily get lost in.  Which, is exactly what I needed.  We watched the pup (and my in-laws’ dog, Dixie) play in the creek that runs by the house and enjoyed some relaxing mountain time.  It was delightful.



How was your weekend?


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