Rats! Part 2

So, this morning, I thought I would give you an update on our little rat drama.  For a few days, Bailey would not stop trying to claw her way under the deck.  And, Hubs and I were a little concerned the rodent was still under the deck.  After telling some of my coworkers about our little problem, they suggested getting some sticky traps to rid ourselves of the issue.


Hubs went out and bought some sticky traps, placing them under the deck.  This was all part of our prep for our dinner party 2 weekends ago.  So, we kept cleaning around the house that Saturday, thinking we wouldn’t discover anything in the traps for several days/weeks.  Later that afternoon, Hubs had gone to play some golf and I let the dogs (plural because we are dog-sitting Hubs parents’ pup) out in the backyard.  I looked outside to see Bailey going bonkers.


I walked outside, looked under the deck and saw a pair of beady eyes looking at me – something was definitely on the sticky trap.  It didn’t look 100% like a mouse/rat, but I just assumed it was.  I freaked out, pulled the dogs inside and texted Hubs to come take care of it.  Of course, his response was to keep the dogs in and he would deal with it when he got home.


I put the dogs inside, but a little while later, they were dying to pee so I let them back outside.  Before I knew it, Bailey had the trap pulled out from under the deck and had the rodent in her mouth.  Of course, I screamed, she let it go, and I push both dogs inside.  Come to find out, the rodent was actually a poor little bird, who was now hoping off with a broken wing.  The bird disappeared before I got to rescue him 😦


We figured we had to do something with the dogs, considering we had 3 other couples coming for dinner in less than 2 hours.  But, the dogs wouldn’t leave the deck alone.  They were obsessed with getting underneath the deck and trying to hunt down whatever else may be underneath there.  And, they started digging up the grass around the deck.



So, about 20 minutes before we started welcoming guests the deck looked like this.  And it’s looked like this ever since.  I’m not too concerned.  I would rather save the animals.


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