Weekly Workouts

Hi!  The theme of this week’s workouts has been resurrecting some old favorites, like yoga and Insanity.  Did you all do any good workouts this week?  Please share!

Wed. – HIIT class


Thurs. – I had an early morning meeting so I only was able to squeeze in 30 minutes on the elliptical before I had to head out.  Something is better than nothing though, right?


Fri. – HIIT class.  We did 2 ladders and finished the workout off with some sprints.  Whew, it was a great, tiring workout to finish off the week.


Sat. – Yoga, brief walk with the dogs and this workout:

15 Minute AMRAP


Sun. – Insanity DVD – I haven’t done Insanity in probably 3 years, but whew, it is still a kick your butt workout!  Great for a rainy day when I couldn’t get outside.


Mon. – Rest day.


Tues. – Another Insanity DVD.  So sweaty.




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